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Facetune before and after: cosmetic bag in your smartphone

Alexander Alexeenko - 21.04.20

In this article, we will talk about a graphical editor and show examples Facetune before and after for your smartphone. Get more on how to lose weight, treat skin, change lip color, emphasize eyes and much more with one program.


1. Facetune before and after

Firstly, let’s go through main characteristics. Compatibility. The application can be installed on iOS and Android. An impressive amount for a regular application ... Is it worth the money? Now more and more editors are appearing who retouch, color, change their hair style with one touch.

Facetune allows you to remove imperfections on your face, even out skin tone, change the parameters of your figure or face, blur the background. In other words, it makes you even more beautiful, while you yourself manage all the tools. The photo looks natural and aesthetically pleasing.

2. Facetune before and after: functional description


  • Frame. The tool helps crop the image, rotate it, flip it horizontally (mirror effect).
  • Whiten. We bleach the teeth. There is an eraser, makes usage of Facetune before and after more attractive.
  • Soften. This function helps smooth the skin, while it does not smudge it, does not make plastic. There is one droplet, two droplets and an eraser.
  • Details Helps to sharpen in certain places (for example: eyes).
  • Circuit. There are two tools here. One changes the contour strongly, affecting a large plane. And plastic that works more locally.
  • Patch. She is very good at removing acne and scars.
  • Paint over. This tool evens out skin color. With a pipette, select the area that we need and in one easy motion paint over the redness or darkening.
  • Red eye. Removes the effect of a flash on the eyes.
  • Blur. Blur the background. There is the usual blur and blur stronger, eraser.
  • Filters Available: gradient with a wide selection of different colors, brightness, texture, lens.
  • Framework. Facetune before and after gives you possibility to enclose a picture in a beautiful frame.

Each instrument has a question mark sign.

Someone will say that it’s not fair to gloss over your acne and bruises. Like in reality we are different ... But, you must admit, photography is a memory. And so I want to leave my beautiful self as a keepsake. The graphic editor is the same cosmetics, only in the photo. Hides flaws and emphasizes virtues. Facetune before and after gives impressive result!

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