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Kanye East and U3 — finally meme

Alexander Alexeenko - 21.04.20

Kanye East and U3: Internet invents improved versions of musicians in a new cultural meme — finally meme. If there is an iPhone 11, then there should be a Blink-183, right?

1. Finally meme: who was the first

On February 17, 2020, a user of the sovietnam image service posted an image of a gray-haired bearded wizard who smokes a pipe and holds a luminous ball with the inscription “Finally, Mambo No. 6”. It looks like a gray-haired wizard got a more advanced version of Lou Bega's popular track "Mambo No. 5". In ten days, the post received more than 49,000 likes and updates.


2.Finally meme funny examples

In February, an abstract picture appeared on Reddit that creates new versions of pop cultural phenomena. The Know Your Meme website, which collects and explains such types of jokes, is called Finally, Upgrade or finally meme. Probably, it means that people lived for a long time with something outdated, for example, with the picture “Three heroes”, but here at last a new version was released - “Four heroes”. Most often, finally meme refers to the names of artists and the names of musical groups, less often — the names of films and games.

To make finally meme, you need to take the name of a work (it must necessarily consist of a few words!) And come up with the opposite meaning or “sequel” for it. For example, in Russian, you can make such jokes: “Finally”. Poster Yearly” or“ Finally, “Ivanushki Russian”. For the background, a scientist from the photo stock who looks at the flasks, or some kind of fantasy wizard is suitable - so the absurdity of the situation will only intensify. Johnny Depp, by finally meme will be as Johnny Debt.


On February 19, 2020, meme was posted on a number of famous pages on Instagram and Facebook. For example, on February 19, 2020, the repost of the Instagram account grapejuiceboys received more than 65,000 likes in one week. On the same day, Facebook reposts “Memes Ruined My Life” and “It was just a meme bro” received more than 460 and 3000 likes and more than 300 and 1300 shares, respectively.

Also on February 19, 2020, the first known derivative of the format, the joke about Cardi B, was published on Instagram account @cabbagecatmemes. Finally, Cardi C. The format of finally meme was not further distributed until February 22 a version of finally meme was published on the Facebook page of Pen 15 Memes about Blink-182, which received more than 1,000 responses and 7,600 shares in five days.

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