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Board game to guess who meme

Alexander Alexeenko - 21.04.20

Guess who meme starts from the board game originally created by Milton Bradley and now Hasbro, in which two players have a face board on the board, as well as one card with a face that the other player is trying to guess with a series of “yes” or “no” questions. After each question, the player removes faces on his board until they have only one possible person left. The game has been a popular board game for over thirty years, and has been used online in many guess who meme, fakes and parodies.


1. Guess who meme a board game story behind

Ora and Theo Bonfire created guess who meme and Milton Bradley released the game in 1979. The game is designed for two players, and each player has a board of 24 cards with cartoon faces. Each player also has a map that depicts a person whom another player is trying to guess. Players need to ask a question that implies a monosyllabic answer - positive or negative. For example, questions may be: does your hero wear a tie? Does your hero have blue eyes? Need to eliminate the heroes until they are sure which card the other person has.

2. Guess who meme critics

Guess who meme criticized the racial and sexual diversity of the characters. Over the years, only five female characters participated in the game, not nineteen male characters. In 2012, a headline appeared between Hasbro and a six-year-old girl who wants more female characters. The girl, through her mother, wrote that she was “annoyed” by the fact that she had only five female characters, and that pulling the female character puts the player at a disadvantage, since one of the first questions asked in “Guess who?” often about the gender of the character.

Hasbro responded by saying, “Guess who?” is a guessing game based on a numerical equation. If you look at the characters in the game, you will notice that there are five of any given characteristics, that is, the “female” itself was a characteristic. The answer was ridiculed by Jezebel and Mary Sue. The cast of the game was also completely white, but it was changed to show a more racially diverse group.

The game has been used in countless parodies online, became as guess who meme. Several skits used Samuel L. Jackson to say: “Whom does he look like?” in the movie Pulp Fiction. They are dated April 2, 2008. The guess who meme has also been used in many pop culture parodies, using franchises such as Super Smash Brothers and Star Wars.

In February 2019, guess who meme became popular on Reddit. In this template, the player asks a very specific question “yes” or “no”, which leads to the rejection of the photoshop card. The exploited person usually uses the highlight “Things I don't like”.

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