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C-137 as an example of alternative Universe

Alexander Alexeenko - 20.04.20

Dimension C137 is a world that is often called the home world for the main Rick and Morty.


1. C137 description

The C137 dimension first appeared in Pilot. In Rick's Drink # 9 series, a love potion was invented to make Jessica fall in love with Morty. However, side effects led to disaster. The chemicals spread like a flu virus, and the whole school fell in love with Morty. Rick tried to correct his mistake, but this led to the appearance of monsters who wanted to first mate with Morty, and then kill him. And the experiment to create an antidote led to the transformation of all mankind into scary monsters called crownenbergs.

Rick could not cope with all these problems and found a world where his double successfully got rid of monsters and side effects, but died with his Morty. Rick and Morty took their place, and no one even noticed.

2. C137 as an example of alternative Universe

At this time, in an alternate universe where everyone is a Kronenberg, Rick Kronenberg and Kronenberg Morty did the same, and turned their race into humans. They left their dimension and began to live in the C137 dimension, which fully corresponded to their native dimension. At the moment, the C137 dimension is completely populated by the Crownbergs, and the only people there are Beth, Jerry and Summer. They are happy in this post-apocalyptic world, and Beth and Jerry’s relationship has completely improved. Summer also found happiness, because now there is no Rick and Morty next to her.

A dramatic plot twist at the end of episode 10 of Rick and Morty season, close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind, brought the brain to anyone who tried to think about it. We remind you: Ricks from the Galactic Federation of Ricks capture the Evil Rick and discover that he is a robot with a transmitter in his head, Managed by Evil Morty.

According to the idea of the series, everything in C137 dimension should be exactly the opposite: Morty is dumb, and Rick is a genius who uses his grandson as he wants. In general, there is a question about who this Evil Morty is, where he came from and how he is connected with the main Rick. The theory below answers it a little more than completely, and does not contain a single logical gap.

3. Rick's Memories

Rick was not in the family for 20 years, and Morty's age was only 14. At the same time, in the memoirs of Rick, in the 10th episode, a fragment flashes where he picks up the baby Morty in his diaper. Right after this shot, Rick begins to cry, although this type is obviously not from sentimental rags that will drop tears over children's photographs.

So Rick has actually been with Morty since birth. Only not with Morty from C137, but with a grandson from another dimension.

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