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Casa Amor: exclusive for ladies

Alexander Alexeenko - 20.04.20

Casa Amor is lightweight, non-binding, vulgar-humorous film, for those who are at least 18+ years old and who will brighten up your evening, give food for thought and (possibly) turn your mind about "toys".


1. Casa Amor plot

Bo Hee is a successful business woman who works as a sales agent for a company that ranks first in Korea for the production of children's toys. At work, they treat her very favorably and even predict an increase, but because of the ridiculous mistake made, the girl is fired. In the process of searching for a new job, Bo Hee brings the case with her neighbor Nan Hee, the owner of the adult store " Casa Amor ". This opens Bo Hee's eyes to the world of "real" pleasures. And now the girl decides to start her own business, using all her knowledge and skills of a marketer to sell toys already for adults.

What do you think the heroine belongs to what kind? If you think about it, you just want to answer what to the first, because the name of the full-length movie was chosen for a reason. And looking down at the description, what thoughts are you visiting? Can a careerist be a happy and satisfied woman and a caring mother? Critics of Casa Amor put these issues at the forefront. The moment the film Casa Amor begins will be familiar to many women: morning-alarm-breakfast-work, and a man who violates plans.

2. Casa amor: laughter and sin

Humor is humor, but this comedy film Casa Amor has no comedic basis. I just want to note that the Koreans very smartly, funny, original and delicate approached this issue. The main character works in the company for the manufacture of children's toys, and then ... why would she change her qualifications from children's to adults? Understanding yourself, your desires and preferences - this is what women lack. After all, these are not news, but studies say that girls and women reject the possibility of using toys. But what if, out of pleasure, doing business and selling women that very opportunity to know themselves in Casa Amor.

“I liked the movie Casa Amor. It was funny. We were pleased with several points that reflect the unusual view of the creators of this film on the topic of eroticism and comedy. But! I agree with those who wrote in reviews before me that they didn’t like that at the end of the film a family drama was stuck to the comedy story. This did not surprise me. In my opinion, in Korean films there is often a certain educational moment, as it used to be in Soviet cinema. Personally, this seems unnecessary and primitive to me. Agree, when you sit down to watch an erotic comedy, you don’t really want to be brought up” — review.

But mostly critics and commentators note that the film is light and easy to watch.

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