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Bluegrass queen: all about Laura Love

Alexander Alexeenko - 19.04.20

Laura Love was born in 1960. Lincoln, Nebraska, United States. She is an American singer-songwriter and bass guitar player. The style has been described as "Afro-Celtic" and has also been influenced by bluegrass. Perfomer’s childhood was very problematic. The mother was suffering from a severe psychiatric illness, it was schizophrenia.

Bassists’ mother, Winnie, was a jazz singer. The singer Laura Love spent part of her life in a large family. As for her father, he took little part in her life. Laura's father's name was Preston Love. With Winnie and Earl Basie, Lucky Millinder and Johnny Otis, he created a jazz band. The group was popular in the middle of the last century. It’s hard to say how her parents influenced her love of music.


1. Why we obsessed with Laura Love

We are nuts about Laura and for the way he handles a bass guitar. In addition, her extraordinary vocals always attracted attention. She was not afraid to experiment with different musical styles and directions. Favorite jazz, popular grunge, melodic bluegrass. The songs of Kurt Cobain, Hank Williams and Jackie DeShannon sound harmoniously performed by Love. It must be answered that the bass player and vocalist combined different styles, giving them a sensual note.

Unique authorial style Laura Love folk genre of African and Caribbean rhythms, Irish melodies and R & B. Melodious Afro / Celtic is her personal creed. Critics wrote that Laura Love has a strong voice with a pleasant hoarseness that allows her to make a full gamut of sounds: from bizarre yodels to wheezing, howling and melodious tunes. The texts of Laura Love often use words that, at first glance, are meaningless. But the holistic perception of composition is permeated with spiritual depth.

2. Laura Love about bluegrass influence

Laura Love always speaks of herself in a witty manner. She describes the tone of her voice as confusion. She frankly told about it to Billboard. But I always loved the Appalachians - the high lonely, bluegrass, sad, white soul music of the secondary key - and I love the black soul music. Laura Love gave her first concert for prisoners at a correctional facility in her native state of Nebraska.

The girl was only 16 years old. One can imagine what her moral condition was like, to stand with a guitar opposite a large number of prisoners. Singer’s path to success began in Seattle, where all the roads to the rock scene went through grunge. Grunge and grunge rock (curtsy towards the Nirvana band) were in the performer's repertoire.

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